Loy Lee, American Asian Stand up Comedian comes from the far off and distant land of Boston, MA. Loy is a gifted writer, comedian, and actor who continues to entertain audiences from coast to coast with his unique brand of comedic snark that is firmly planting him as one of the best comedians to look out for today.

 Coming from 6 generations of blue-collar tightly wound east coast laborers, Loy realized at a young age that being 6th generation Asian in America was not only a concept that was hard for others to understand, he found that it put him in a place where he was too Chinese to be American but too American to be considered Chinese, that and he's not fit to work with his hands.

 Loy began his acting career at a very young age of 5 starring in several national commercials. In 2006, Loy moved to Los Angeles to follow the footsteps of millions of aspiring actors to pursue the next level of his acting career. In 2011, frustrated with the roles that were available to him and what the industry expected from Asian actors, Loy challenged himself to challenge the Asian American image status quo.

 Loy’s unique comedic voice and unconventional point of view have also been put to good use in the battle of the stereotypes and expectations of American Asians. As a child, Loy had grown out of a stutter and a speech impediment and he finds pride in his wordplay and mastery of the only language he knows, English.

Loy’s talents extend to other areas in the entertainment business. He has a Podcast entitled “Short Pale and Handsome Podcast w/Loy Lee”. where he gives his perspective on current events, sports, and his everyday life. “Short Pale and Handsome” provides an outlet for his fans to hear him on a weekly basis and follow his journey through the craziness of life.

Loy works with the Asian American community and youth groups as well as colleges, fundraisers, and community outreach programs to help define and establish a social environment that promotes self-awareness and self-esteem among Asian Americans and youth.

Loy is a movie enthusiast, loves the pool, is an avid sports fan and his favorite hobby is to fall down the google rabbit hole.

He currently resides in Washington DC with his wife

Baltimore based comedian Leelend Clayton has an exterior that can only be described as adorably sweet, but don't be fooled you fool. Leelend's humor is colorful, absurd, and always unapologetically honest. Originally from Los Angeles, Leelend moved to Baltimore as a teen and quickly adapted to the hustle and bustle of the east coast lifestyle. Since his start in 2012, Leelend has opened for acts including Joe Matarese, Robert Kelly and Rich Vos. He showcased in the 2017 Baltimore "What a Joke" Festival benefitting the ACLU and is a house comic at Magooby’s Joke House in Baltimore. Aside from writing and performing, Leelend spends his time chain smoking and trying to convince himself dropping out of college was a good idea. Always on the move, you can keep up with Leelend via Twitter and Instagram at TheRealLeeClay..

Bunny Themelis

Bunny Themelis is a Canadian-born, Baltimore-raised half-Greek who lives in Baltimore with the coolest dogs in the world, Miss Toni and Zeus. She tells stories. Bunny hosts the 2Geeky web series, the Superior Saturday Mic at the Charm City Comedy Project in Baltimore, and has opened for Colin Quinn and Steve Hofstetter. You can find her on Twitter and Instagram at @bunifah. Bunny Themelis.